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darth jar jar

Recently, a new, to me at least, theory on the characterization of Jar Jar Binks from the Star Wars prequel trilogy emerged.  The gist of the theory is that Jar Jar is actually a Sith and maybe even a super Sith.  The article provided several examples from the movies that could support the idea that Jar Jar was more than what he seemed if you approached the scenes through the lens of this hypothesis.

I loved it.  I’m in.  It is a very fun interpretation for a character that many, many fans of the universe could not stand.  Then again, I do like random interpretations that dramatically improve story moments that I did not enjoy.  A similar dramatic interpretation is the Mass Effect 3 Indoctrination Theory for the game’s ending.  I really, REALLY did not like the literal interpretation of the Mass Effect 3 ending.  It was terrible.  Here is a great take down of the literal interpretation using story elements from The Lord of the Rings.

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The basis of this post will probably be a recurring format.  Here are a handful of existing story ideas that I love.

Batman.  Probably my favorite character ever.  He is just such a great creation.  He doesn’t have super powers.  He has an awesome costume.  And a strong aspect of his character is his intellect.  Just an all around awesome idea.  A great Batman moment I saw only recently: then you’re damn fools.

Indiana Jones.  Arguably Harrison Ford’s greatest role.  Sure, many people will come down on the side of Han Solo, especially with VII on the horizon.  While Han was great, as was his penchant for shooting first, I thought Dr. Jones was a more creative character.  He was essentially the Han Solo lovable rogue as an archaeologist.  The creativity was making that unheralded profession into a fun, action romp.  And, we know Indy also shoots first.

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I am fascinated by names. If you tell me you have started a band, created a business, or formed a kickball team, my first question will be what is the name?  If I hear a unique phrase in a conversation, say dancing elephants, my response will always be Dancing Elephants, the name of my new band. I enjoy this elaboration on the unique name game. Being a musician, I will always think to band names first.

And so, at the beginning of this site, I wanted to talk about the name. Endless Driveway. My parents’ house is on a relatively small cul de sac street. Growing up, my friends and I would hang out there a lot because we could be out in the yard and street without worrying too much about cars. In high school, my circle of friends was not a part of the cool crowd. Therefore, we did not get invited to all of the cool crowd crazy parties. And so, on Friday and Saturday nights, we found our own entertainment. Many nights were spent in my house’s bonus room playing music. Alas, Endless Driveway was not the name of our band.  The music side of the story is for another time.

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hello world

I am finally entering the 21st century and experimenting with blogs/website design.  We shall see where this leads us.  You, dear reader, are on this journey as well.