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Game of Thrones Episodes 6.6-8 spoilers

Sorry I was out for a bit.  Vacations and Overwatch hit.  Phew, I need to take a break on that one.

We’ll hit the big events over the last few episodes.

So the main theme from this season is “just kidding, no one dies on GoT.”  Benjen’s back after 5 seasons.  And he just happens to find Bran and Meera before the horde of white walkers who were literally two steps behind them.  And he is…mostly dead? Wave the magic wand.

The Hound is back?  Come on man.  Again, I love the character, but dude was pretty fucked up when we last saw him.  And now he is back seemingly perfectly healthy.  He has some really odd scenes of hanging out with Ian McShane, who knocked his role out of the park.  And then they kill McShane and a bunch of other people to…motivate the Hound back to going and fucking people up?  We get it GoT, terrible things happen in this world.  We didn’t really need to women in refrigerators this bit to get the Hound back on the track of killing people.

Leaping over to other medical miracles.  Arya runs afoul of the Faceless Men, of which there seem to be only two: Jaqen and the Waif.  Jaqen tells the Waif to take her out.  So Arya just strolls along the waterways of Braavos.  Oh, there is a nice old woman aaaaaaaand she stomach stabs the frick out of Arya (what is it with the stomach stabs showrunners).  Oh just kidding, it was the Waif.  Arya escapes by jumping into the water.  Amazingly she lives because her new actress friend is a super doctor.  But of course the Waif finds her.  The Faceless Men really wanted random actress dead.  Arya anti-Jason-Bournes through the city being chased by the Waif.  Seriously, a day after she had been crazy shivved, Arya is ripping open all her wounds again.  She lures the Waif into a “trap” and kills her off camera (or at least we assume, who knows with all these reappearances).  She takes her face back to Jaqen, which seems like a stupid idea, and he just lets her go…for reasons?  Arya’s Braavos arc was pretty disappointing.  Her relationship with Jaqen soured.  She never really showed much competence as a super ninja.  Disappointing.

Sam stopped by his house long enough to steal a valyrian steel sword.  He was going to drop Gilly off and pulled another just kidding.  Sam is going to get to Old Town and start his maester training right as Jon and Dany kill the last white walker.

Going back to happy returns.  MOTHER-FRICKIN BRONN is back.  He had some wonderful moments with Jaime, with Pod, with life itself.  Can we please get the Bronn/Pod/Tyrion buddy/sex comedy spinoff?

Another great Tyrion/Missendia/Grey Worm scene.  We need much more of them drinking and hanging out, but the Masters have to ruin everything by invading.  Fortunately Dany reappears.  She will probably dragon them up.

King’s Landing is a mess, the Iron Islands are a mess, and the quest to retake Winterfell is a mess.

We’ll see if they wrap up any of these messes before the end of the season.

With all these people returning, I’m still holding out hope for white walker Ned’s head to make an appearance.

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