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Game of Thrones episode 6.4 spoilers

Sorry, was out of town for the week so didn’t post this in a reasonable time.

This episode clearly revealed what will probably be the case for the rest of this season.  There are story lines I care about and those that I really, really don’t.

But first, RIP Osha.  After being gone for many episodes, she returns for two quick scenes, and then Ramsay stabs the frick out of her.  I hope we don’t get too many more tease scenes like this of “oh, oh, is Ramsay going to die? noooooo, I’m sorry.”  Either don’t show him or kill him.

Anyway, a story line I am interested in.  The Sansa and Jon reunion was very cool.  I loved the part of them reminiscing back to season 1.  It is great to see them interact as more mature people and characters.  I was also fascinated by the scene with Davos, Brienne, and Melisandre.  Brienne knows that they killed Renly and now they know that she killed Stannis.  Those three might have to fight it out before they can work together.  I hope they don’t make their antagonism a big deal as I want them all to work together.

We’ll alternate.  A story line I am not interested in: the Eyrie.  While I like Littlefinger as a character, I do not care about Lord Robin.  His only role is to be manipulated by Littlefinger.  Speaking of Littlefinger, I’ll be curious to see what he does.  He seems to have painted himself into a corner.  He is running out of allies.  If Sansa finds him, she will eff him up.  If Cersei finds him, she will probably eff him up too.  Pretty much if anyone finds him, they will not be happy with him.

I really grow tired of King’s Landing.  They need to make a move or show less of that story.  Hopefully Lady Olenna gets them in gear.

And finally, we’ll hit on the scene of the episode.  Dany took charge.  I was hoping they were not going to sneak her out of the city in a weak way.  Though what she did was certainly not weak, I fear the dothraki hordes might be another weight around her neck.  We need to get her free of associations bogging her down in the east so that she can go west.  Also, we’ll see what Dany thinks of the agreement that Tyrion made.  That issue was addressed pretty quickly.

I don’t have a witty remark for this week but Ned’s head rules.

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