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darth jar jar

Recently, a new, to me at least, theory on the characterization of Jar Jar Binks from the Star Wars prequel trilogy emerged.  The gist of the theory is that Jar Jar is actually a Sith and maybe even a super Sith.  The article provided several examples from the movies that could support the idea that Jar Jar was more than what he seemed if you approached the scenes through the lens of this hypothesis.

I loved it.  I’m in.  It is a very fun interpretation for a character that many, many fans of the universe could not stand.  Then again, I do like random interpretations that dramatically improve story moments that I did not enjoy.  A similar dramatic interpretation is the Mass Effect 3 Indoctrination Theory for the game’s ending.  I really, REALLY did not like the literal interpretation of the Mass Effect 3 ending.  It was terrible.  Here is a great take down of the literal interpretation using story elements from The Lord of the Rings.

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