the season of smirks

Game of Thrones Episode 6.10 Spoilers

And so we reach the end of another season of GoT.  This one certainly had its ups and downs.  Let’s hit the episode itself before we talk about the season.

The final episode was full of the smirks.  Cersei after going nuclear, though she couldn’t escape the fallout of Tommen’s fall.  Sansa in the corner of the table as Lyanna Mormont laid the smack down on the other lords of the North.  Dany as she marched on the wooden horses across the sea.  Arya as she stood over Walder Frey crossing yet another name off her list.

This episode simplified the board tremendously, mostly thanks to Cersei.  There now seem to be four main powers left, though it isn’t entirely clear what their intentions are.  Well, we assume we know the intentions of the White Walkers.  They want to kill everyone and bring the eternal night.

Jon is now king in the North.  But will he use that power to turn around and face North and the White Walkers?  What do the other lords want in elevating him?

What does Cersei want now?  She has power again, but nearly everyone she can wield it over is gone.  And, she has completely severed ties with nearly all her allies.  We will see if Jaime stays or goes.

Dany is coming to Westeros.  I assume she will make straight for King’s Landing.  And, she will have quite a host with her.  Her own forces are already very imposing.  But, I would believe that House Tyrell and whatever the house that is running Sunspear now is called will be joining her cause.

How much will we see of the few minor powers around?  What is Littlefinger going to do now?  Will Euron make another appearance?  What about the Brotherhood without Banners and the Hound?  Has Lady Melisandre and her fantastic nudity exited the stage?

We shall see.

And now a look at the season.  For the most part, this season was pretty disappointing.  There were definitely strong moments of badassness.  Dany killing the other Khals and landing at the top of the pyramid.  Jon going Leeroy Jenkins.  Arya killing Walder Frey.  Motherfrickin’ BRONN.  Pretty much every Tyrion scene.

But many of the storylines were just plain ridiculous.  I guess they saved Dany’s, but man did that start out going south.  Ser Jorah and his greyscale was pretty dumb.  What is he going to do now?  Bran had a lot of sound and fury but really seemed to signify nothing.  His training to be the Three Eyed Crow had several similarities with Arya learning to be a super ninja.  Neither made very concrete progress and then all of a sudden it was over despite neither of them really demonstrating competence.  Hodor’s death was tragic but absolutely laughable.  Rickon can’t frickin’ not run in a straight damn line.  Arya survives getting stomach shanked when the Red Wedding clearly demonstrated that as an effective method of assassination.  Too many characters came back from the dead either magically assisted or not: Jon, Benjen, the Hound.  All in all, the story was just very weak.

Now that we seem to be approaching the endgame, hopefully the story will gain tremendous focus.  Will they break the budget with countless battles?  Along with Ned’s head, who is still ticked he didn’t get brought back, we shall see.

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