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the star wars the force awakens post

The following discussion will contain spoilers for Star Wars The Force Awakens.

Well, it was about that time to talk about Star Wars The Force Awakens.  I have now seen the movie twice.  The first time was with my best friend at the very first showing opening night.  I saw it again last night.  Overall, SWTFA just has too many story problems for me to say that I liked the movie.

Let me frame my Star Wars fandom a little before my comments.  I would consider myself a moderate fan.  As a kid, I was captivated by the original trilogy, loving the world of the movies, the toys, and several of the video games.  I even read a few of the books.  I saw the prequel trilogy with high enthusiasm.  While I loved many of the action scenes in the prequel trilogy (most of the lightsaber fight scenes were incredibly well done), the story was not what I expected.  As I have gotten older, my love of all the movies has slowly waned.  I see more and more issues with the story.  While this article can be very crude with its writing, it brings up a lot of valid points regarding the plot issues.  I still do love many of the elements of the Star Wars world (the force, lightsabers, x-wings), but I was not that optimistic about SWTFA.

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i’m sorry, this is abuse

Some Jessica Jones spoilers will follow.

So I’ve been watching Netflix’s Jessica Jones.  I didn’t know anything of the comic before watching.  I was just curious because I have enjoyed most of the Marvel properties on the screen so far.  I was meh about Daredevil, which is maybe something I will talk about soon.  But, I definitely wanted to give Jessica Jones a try.

I’m only seven episodes in, but so far this show is perhaps one of the darkest and most bizarre shows I’ve ever watched.  It seems like nearly the entire point of the story thus far is to torture the main character Jessica Jones.  Let’s look at a few examples.  Under Kilgrave’s mind control, she was (I’m pretty sure it was implied) raped, physically abused, and then forced to kill a lady.  We presume this lady was innocent, but we aren’t sure at this time.  Then, she is forced to watch the same thing happen to another young woman as a way for Kilgrave to announce that he is back.  She meets Luke Cage the husband of the woman she killed.  She starts to develop feelings for him only for the story to force her not to tell Luke about how his wife died until he finds out in a way that causes him to hate her.  One of her neighbors gets addicted to drugs through Kilgrave in order to follow her around.  And, then another gets killed by Kilgrave and left dead in Jessica’s bed for entirely innocent reasons, though not from Kilgrave’s perspective.  Finally, Kilgrave essentially forces her, but not through his mind control, to come live with him.

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