The basis of this post will probably be a recurring format.  Here are a handful of existing story ideas that I love.

Batman.  Probably my favorite character ever.  He is just such a great creation.  He doesn’t have super powers.  He has an awesome costume.  And a strong aspect of his character is his intellect.  Just an all around awesome idea.  A great Batman moment I saw only recently: then you’re damn fools.

Indiana Jones.  Arguably Harrison Ford’s greatest role.  Sure, many people will come down on the side of Han Solo, especially with VII on the horizon.  While Han was great, as was his penchant for shooting first, I thought Dr. Jones was a more creative character.  He was essentially the Han Solo lovable rogue as an archaeologist.  The creativity was making that unheralded profession into a fun, action romp.  And, we know Indy also shoots first.

The Rocketeer.  My favorite thing about the original Star Wars trilogy from when I was a kid was the X-wing.  It inspired a love of flight that I hope one day to take into reality.  Or virtual reality depending on what the Oculus Rift can offer.  So a man who could fly also fascinated me.  But flight as a superpower, like Superman, was too simple.  The Rocketeer mixed this love of flight with the superpower-less cool of Batman.

Swashbuckling.  It all seems to lead back to Batman.  With the overwhelming success of Nolan’s Batman trilogy, it seems the lessons creators took from that popularity is that everything has to be serious and dark.  While the movies were a very fascinating take on Batman (minus the third one, but that is a story for another day), there is a genre of action movies that expertly meld cool set pieces with humor and fun.  This version of the Three Musketeers.  The two Antonio Banderas Zorro movies.  The first Pirates of the Caribbean movie.  And of course, The Princess Bride.

Anyway, I’m sure we’ll touch on other ideas that have inspired me over the years.  There are many great ones out there.

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