Game of Thrones episode 6.2 Spoilers


Let’s waste no time and jump Ned’s head first right into Jon Snow’s resurrection.  So, after the countless characters who have died, and the list was added to in this episode, Jon Snow is the one who gets brought back.  I know book people will point to another character who gets brought back.  I doubt we will see her in the show, but my response there would be what is her point?

Anyway, we all pretty much knew this was coming.  Of all the ways they could have done it, I can’t believe this is how they chose to present it.  At least with Thoros and Beric, there was some passion, some performance.  Here we have Melisandre all but meh-ing her way through the ritual.  She doesn’t believe it will work, and she seems to put the barest minimum of effort into it.  If you are going to frickin’ resurrect someone from the dead and counteract one of the greatest forces this story has exhibited, give us some sound, some fury.  Maybe the editors chose the wrong take.  Maybe the next one was once more, with feeling.  This moment should have been a great moment, but it had none of the shock and awe of either the red or purple weddings.  Jon’s exhalation of the breath of life felt more like the story releasing a sigh of frustration.  This is what the story has come to: we have to magically bring people back alive to progress.

Come on man.

In a related point, why the frick was Davos so set on Melisandre bringing Jon back?  He knew Melisandre had worked miracles before, but he had no indication that she could resurrect the dead.  And why would Davos push for Jon and not Stannis?  Does Davos know about Shireen yet?  How could he believe in Melisandre to any degree after that?  Davos’s cheerleading seemed way too heavily steeped in that most egregious storytelling technique known as wave the magic wand.

As a final, much less serious bow to this whole thing: I can’t believe the ritual did not consist of completely pointless Melisandre nudity.  Come on HBO.

Though completely expected, Jon’s resurrection did come out of left field.  And it wasn’t the only come on man instance of the episode.  Tyrion is now the dragon whisperer?  I’ll buy the idea of the dragon’s being surly without their mother.  But no way do they not kill Tyrion or anyone who walks among them.  We have zero indication that they understand the common tongue.  We do have some indication that they understand High Valyrian.  Tyrion says zero words in High Valyrian.  I love Tyrion and am glad he didn’t get eaten, but it was a ridiculous scene.  Also, was there a back door?  How were the dragons supposed to get out?

I won’t dwell too long on the remaining scenes.  We still have no clue what the hell Bran is doing.  The scene from the past was cool and all, but what impact does it have?  I’ve heard that maybe Bran will see the future and how the climactic battle will play out.  If so, then what’s the point of the rest of the show?  Bran can give us the summary, and we can keep it moving.

Speaking of keeping it moving, Arya got taken off the streets pretty quickly.  Obviously, we didn’t see how many days she was out there.  But in her second scene, Jaqen gives her the easiest test in the world (say you are no one) and brings her back into the fold.

Flowing from the easiest test in the world, the Wildlings invasion of Castle Black was pretty boring.  One smashed head and Ollie pointless emo moment, and the whole thing was over.  I did like how Tormund was completely, though silently, shocked that Jon was dead.  Great acting.

And finally, there are the Boltons and the Iron Islands.  I don’t really care about either of these storylines.  I can’t believe Ramsay killed Roose.  I can’t believe they dragged out Ramsay killing Walda and the baby.  WE GET IT WRITERS, RAMSAY IS TERRIBLE.  The Karstarks are going to side with Ramsay over Roose?  They choose…poorly.  And what are the Iron Islands going to do in the however remaining episodes we have left of the series?  What impact are they going to have on the war with the White Walkers?

This episode continued the worrying trend of the writers making poor story decisions.  Sure a few things happened this episode, but we still have little indication of where we are going.  However, for all of my ranting, I will sit back with a cold beer and watch to find out.  Hoping, as always, for the appearance of White Walker Benjen and White Walker Ned’s head.

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